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Kipos FAQ

Who is Kipos for?

There are many people in many different contexts who work together to start and multiply a new church. Kipos brings them together with the content and community needed to be effective and fruitful. Kipos brings together:

  • People who want to share the good news of Jesus.

  • Potential and current new-church leaders.

  • Existing-church leaders who desire to see their church multiply.

  • Church multiplication networks and denominations.

Kipos is available for all followers of Jesus who are committed to advancing God’s Kingdom through church multiplication.

Who is already on Kipos? 

New users of Kipos will find a growing community of church multiplication leaders from around the globe who represent multiplying churches and a wide range of multiplication networks and denominations. Registered users have access to a directory of others on Kipos who they may connect with.

Is Kipos global?

With affordable internet connectivity reaching more and more of the world each year, Kipos creates the opportunity and provides an ecosystem for U.S. and global churches to have global reach, collaboration, and impact. Currently, anyone with English proficiency may use it. Multilingual capabilities will be developed in a future release.

How does Kipos help me start and multiply churches?

Kipos helps you start and multiply church through four core functions:

  • Guided Activities: You make meaningful progress towards starting and multiplying a church by completing activities designed to help you at every step in the journey.

  • Community Support: You receive support from people in your cohort who know you and your context and enjoy access to a broader network of peers and coaches.

  • Just-In-Time Learning: You experience personalized training based on periodic self-evaluations of personal, professional, and spiritual health and competencies.

  • Contextualized Coaching: You have access to trained coaches who provide experience and encouragement to you as a new-church leader, according to your context and model.

How do coaches and guides join the platform and what process do they go through to become certified?

In keeping with the open community, anyone can join the platform. Those who want to be coaches and guides complete a training and certification process that enables them to receive “certified” status.

What type of content is on Kipos?

Kipos provides a wide range of articles. Training modules will be available in a future release of Kipos. Partners have also made a wide range of church multiplication content available to Kipos users. You will also find user-generated content around specific challenges, innovations, and opportunities in church multiplication.

Can new-church leaders raise money from donors through the site, such as via Kickstarter or GoFundMe-type activities?

We understand the need for financial resources to start and multiply churches. We believe that being a source of funding would create inequities that work against the collaborative community we are creating with Kipos. For this reason, we have chosen to focus on the content and community we have found to be critical to church multiplication success. 

How much does it cost to use Kipos?

Our desire is for Kipos to help as many people as possible become part of actively starting and multiplying churches. For this reason, there is no fee to use the platform and the current content and experiences are included at no charge. In the future, certain premium content and activities will require registration fees for participation. 

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